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Meet the Team - Rhiannan Brown

Published Thu 11 Jul 2024

With Paris 2024 just over two weeks away, Australian Sailing is proud to introduce the Australian Sailing Team members representing our nation at the Games.
Sailing the mixed multihull Nacra 17 in Marseille, Rhiannan Brown will make her Olympic debut alongside sailing partner, Brin Liddell.

We asked a couple of questions to get to know the young sailor from New South Wales before the big event.

Photo: Brin Liddell and Rhiannan Brown CREDIT Sailing Energy 

What do you love about Sailing?
I love the freedom of sailing and how you can really push the boat to its limits - it’s all on you.

What do you love about the Nacra?
The Nacra is just such a unique class. I love that it’s mixed gender and that you can really work as a team but I also just love how quick it is and how amazing the boat is on the foils.

Do you remember your first sailing experience?
My two older brothers were doing a Learn to Sail course and my Mum brought me along to watch. She says she turned around for two seconds and I was already out on a boat myself, she couldn’t stop me from there.

Why would you recommend sailing?
My parents always joked with me when I was little that maybe one day we wouldn’t have cars and that we’d need to know how to sail, so I’d definitely recommend going down to your local sailing club and giving it a go.

They’re always so enthusiastic to get you out on the water and they’ll do everything they can to support you the whole way through your journey.

Where is your favourite place to sail?
I’d definitely say at Terrigal Beach on the Central Coast, it’s just so beautiful and the people are just lovely.

Around the world my favourite place would be Italy. The food is great, the scenery is beautiful and the wind is just perfect.

What are you most excited for about Paris 2024?
In Marseille I’m really excited to just get the full Olympic experience. We’ve made it to the big leagues now so we’ll look to soak up and learn as much as we can while we’re here.

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